Emerging Leaders creates a pathway to decision making tables by immersing Warren and Youngstown emerging grassroots leaders in intentional, practical and relevant leadership development experiences.

This comprehensive program is designed to leverage the unique assets of emerging leaders using a small group model to explore and cultivate fundamental leadership skills.

Sessions include:

  • Orientation – Participants are welcomed to Emerging Leaders with an introduction to the program and an overview of the resources available to them.
  • Retreat – During an intensive 1.5 day opening retreat, participants explore their learning, leadership and communication styles. Participants create an Individual Leadership Plan (ILP) that will guide their leadership work for the coming year.
  • Workshops – Participants engage in active learning sessions focusing on the core elements of leadership development.
  • Networking Opportunities – Participants connect with community resources and local experts to advance their ILP.
  • Convening – Participants share an informed and meaningful point of view with the Valley’s existing leadership during community and Foundation sponsored events.
  • Evaluation – At the end of the program, participants showcase their work, share lessons learned and celebrate their collective efforts with community stakeholders.

Topics explored include:

  • Self-awareness and emotional intelligence
  • Values and personal motivation
  • Asset Based Community Development
  • Effective and purposeful communication
  • Conflict management, negotiation and persuasion
  • Team and consensus building
  • System navigation
  • Race, class and power dynamics
  • Community organizing and direct action


Participants in the Emerging Leaders program will experience dramatic personal and professional growth and will leave the program with:

  • A clear statement of purpose articulated in an Individual Leadership Plan (ILP)
  • A strong and active network of peers, coaches and community leaders
  • An understanding of self and his/her role in the community
  • A toolbox of effective and useful leadership and communication tools