8:30 am - 11:30 am

The Raymond John Wean Foundation, Western Reserve Room

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Presenter: Chris Thompson, President
Civic Collaboration Consultants 

Leadership is an essential element of effective collaboration. Collaborative leaders help other stakeholders develop a shared understanding of what change is possible and establish the processes and capacity needed to achieve mutually-beneficial, shared goals.

Exercising leadership within a collaborative environment is distinct from leading within an organization. Within an organization who leads is often determined by authority. In contrast, anyone within a collaboration can exercise leadership with limited authority. The most effective collaborative leaders recognize their lack of authority and build collaborations that catalyze enduring, positive change using three critical skills:

  • Inquiry – Asking compelling questions and listening deeply to challenge assumptions, explore possibilities and make necessary changes to achieve shared goals.
  • Understanding Context – Engaging with others to understand motivations, priorities and how to best create conditions for effective collaboration.
  • Building Trust – Understanding that trust must be built every day through actions that reinforce trustworthiness.
This two-way learning opportunity provides hands-on exercises designed to develop and strengthen collaborative leadership skills. Purposely small and focused, participants will leave with usable strategies and approaches to increase efficiency and effectiveness.

Registration Deadline: Monday, March 27 by 12:00 noon.

Registration Deadline: Monday, March 27 at 12:00 noon

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