Grantee Orientation

Grantees and fiscal sponsors are required to attend the Grantee Orientation before funds are released. The orientation outlines the program staff/grantee relationship and provides support for the implementation of the project.


Projects must be completed within one year of the grant award. The grant period is March 1 through February 28. Program staff is available to provide assistance in successful grant management.


Funds that are not expended or committed, for approved purposes during the grant period, must be returned to the Foundation.

Grantee Check-ins

Foundation staff and grantees share the responsibility of maintaining contact: in person, by phone or online.

Capacity Building Series

As a way to connect residents to each other and resources, grantees participate in two Foundation sponsored events scheduled in the Spring and Fall.

Share the Learning

At the end of the grant period, grantees share successes and key learning from their projects through either: