Seeking to catalyze change, leverage advocacy, encourage, support and nurture resident engagement and collectively build capacity to provide voices to Valley residents and leaders.

Mahoning Valley Organizing Collaborative
MVOC is a grassroots community organizing initiative dedicated to improving the quality of life in urban neighborhoods in our local region. Visit www.mvorganizing.org to learn more.


Trumbull Neighborhood Partnership
Trumbull Neighborhood Partnership is a community development organization providing services that support our neighborhoods in Warren, Ohio. Visit www.tnpwarren.org to learn more.


Youngstown Neighborhood Development Corporation
The Youngstown Neighborhood Development Corporation is an organization launched in 2009 in partnership with the City of Youngstown and The Raymond John Wean Foundation to catalyze local neighborhood reinvestment. Visit www.yndc.org to learn more.


Together we are committed to real, sustainable, resident-driven environmental, social and economic change.

Together we maintain a passion for community engagement, leverage financial support to coordinate services and collaborate with community partners resulting in changed neighborhoods.

Together we transform neighborhoods into meaningful places where people invest time, money and energy into their homes and neighborhoods and where neighbors have the capacity to manage day-to-day issues.

Together we are positioned to raise our voices to advance structural change locally and across the state.